Email Whitelisting

Thank you for subscribing to Learn About Supplements!


Here’s how to whitelist our emails:

Computers are clever little things, but every now and then even they can make mistakes.

Many email and Internet service providers will automatically block unsolicited emails (AKA spam), which is fine until they actually hide something that you’ve asked to receive and would really like to read!

So, here we’ll show you how to make sure that everything we send makes it to your inbox.

Why is this an important thing to do?

As you have taken the time to subscribe to Learn About Supplements, you’ll naturally want to see everything that we send you.

After all, you wouldn’t want to miss anything now, would you?

Nevertheless, spam has become such a huge issue these days that email providers and ISPs have had to take action. However, their attempts to keep our inboxes clean can often result in emails subscribers deem important disappearing from view into their spam folders – which is far from ideal!

We hate spam as much as anyone, and that’s why we promise never to abuse the privilege of holding your email address on our secure database.

The problem is that reputable and responsible sites such as ours occasionally have our emails flagged by an algorithm that has no idea that we operate a strict subscription-only email policy. This means that, despite the fact you have asked us to send you emails, the subscription service you have asked for can easily get disrupted.

Thankfully, however, there is a simple fix. All you need to do is ‘whitelist’ our email address with your email provider to ensure that you receive every piece of information we send out.

These simple steps also help the email providers distinguish the good guys (us, and sites like ours) from the Internet baddies, those who are phishing for your bank details or worse, making the Internet a safer place for everyone to enjoy.

So, by completing these easy whitelisting stages, you’ll not only ensure that you get everything we send, you will also be doing your bit to put an end to the scourge of spam once and for all. Well done, you!

How to whitelist us with each email provider


  1. Open an email from us, the address should be –
  2. Click on the arrow next to the reply icon (see below)
  3. Then, simply click on ‘ADD MARK TAYLOR TO CONTACTS LIST’ to whitelist us


  1. Open an email from us, the address should be –
  2. Then, click ‘Add to Contacts’ to whitelist us


Outlook (2003 and above)

  1. Open an email from us, the address should be –
  2. Right click the ‘Click here to download images’ text in the gray bar at the top of our email
  3. Then, click ‘Add Sender to Sender’s Safe List’ to whitelist us


iPhone, iPad, iPad Touch (any device with iOS)

  1. Tap my name (Mark Taylor) at the top of the message (it’s next to ‘From’)
  2. Tap ‘Create New Contact’
  3. Then, tap ‘Done’ to whitelist our emails on your device



  1. In your device’s email client, open a message from me and click my picture
  2. Tap ‘Add to Contacts’
  3. Tap ‘Create New Contact’
  4. Choose the address you want to save us to (if you are using multiple accounts)
  5. Finally, tap the check mark to whitelist us on your Android device


Yahoo Mail

  1. Open an email from me,
  2. You should then see a ‘+’ symbol next to my name, click this
  3. Click ‘Add to Contacts’
  4. A pop up should appear on your screen, click ‘Save’ to whitelist our emails


Mac Mail

  1. Open up an email from us
  2. Click on our email address
  3. Click ‘Add to Contacts’


AOL Mail

  1. Click ‘Contacts’ in the toolbar on the left
  2. Click ‘New Contact’
  3. Add our email address (
  4. Choose ‘Add Contact’ to whitelist us

We’ve tried to include as many providers as we can, but we’ve probably missed some. If you can’t find out how to whitelist with your email provider, drop us a line. We’ll be happy to help out if we can.

Similarly, these details are correct at the time of writing but, as I’m sure you’re aware, these software programs are constantly evolving and changing, so if any of the instructions are wrong I can only apologize.

Again, if you can’t work out how to whitelist us, simply drop me a line and I’ll do my best to figure it out for you.

Thanks again for subscribing to Learn About Supplements!

-Mark Taylor