The Best Nootropic Vendors

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Best Nootropic Vendors

Nootropics are receiving much attention not only for their ability to help enhance focus, but also their low risk of side effects. This rise in popularity is allowing for nootropic vendors to support the need for individuals to purchase their products efficiently. However, choosing the best vendor to place your trust in could be where your challenge lies. We’re going to look at the features and benefits of Onnit, AfinilExpress, Absorb Your Health, Peak Nootropics, and Pure Nootropics.


In addition to providing customers with supplements and foods, Onnit also has fitness equipment. If you’re an athlete or medical professional who is looking for earth-grown nutrients, you could find what you need to achieve your goals through this nootropic vendor. The site is simple to navigate with is a grid-like structure where you can also find a link to sales and promotions.

When visiting the Onnit website, you’ll find what’s referred to as the “Onnit Academy.” There, you can experience training, health goals, chat with community members, listen to podcasts, receive certifications through courses, and view archives. That is just one of the many features you’ll find on this nootropic vendor’s site.


  • Achieve high-level training goals
  • Clinical studies available
  • Can track orders
  • Money back guarantee
  • Military discounts available


  • Doesn’t seem to be for beginners
  • Intimidating for novices
  • Not many products offered
  • No YouTube channel
  • No blog with current information

Absorb Health

Absorb Health

Absorb Health began in 2011 when Katrina, Josh Fulton’s wife, got sick. Josh began exhaustive research into natural methods that could mitigate and potentially cure this illness.

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Customers can find products to help them with their cognitive, body and skin, joint health, sports performance and weight management needs. Those interested in essential oils and lipomas, as well as men’s and women’s supplements, can also find what they need. You can find this nootropic vendor’s top sellers to help you see what’s popular and enhance your buying decisions.

Not only are a wide variety of products available here, but you can also find a blog featuring up-to-date information about nootropics and how to use them. Absorb Health presents information about how to care for your mind, as well as tips for health and fitness.


  • Easy to navigate website
  • Up-to-date blog
  • A wide variety of products
  • Free shipping on orders over $75
  • Money-back guarantee


  • No YouTube channel (closed due to spamming)
  • No newsletter
  • No sales or promotions offered on the website
  • No social media promotions provided
  • No FAQ page available

Peak Nootropics

This site is not only a large volume retailer for nootropics, but it also serves as a mecca of information for those who have questions about how to use them. Informational blogs post regularly providing current information about the products Peak Nootropics sells. You can receive a free scale if you purchase $250 or more, as well as a 100% money back guarantee, if you’re not satisfied with your products.

As soon as you enter this website, an immediate presentation of products begins. As you scroll down the page, you can see the different bestselling nootropics you available from which you can choose as well as their product rating.


  • Chat option available for 24-7 support
  • Product ratings presented to enhance buying decisions and experiences
  • The homepage features new arrivals
  • The home page features general information about nootropics
  • More in-depth information is available on a blog


  • Slow Internet connections will have trouble loading this website
  • The Twitter and Facebook pages aren’t kept up-to-date
  • No YouTube channel
  • Doesn’t accept PayPal
  • No sales or promotions offered

Pure Nootropics

Those visiting this site will find a large volume of high-quality products, informational blog posts, and a newsletter. There are also tutorials available to help consumers determine if nootropics are right for them. When you visit the homepage, you can scroll over the products and information will pop up about that nootropic.

This nootropic vendor features a large volume of products, as well as information about how to use them. Pure Nootropics also teaches you about health, diet, and other tips in their knowledge base.


  • Knowledgebase available
  • Informational blog available
  • A wide variety of products offered
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Free domestic shipping


  • The blog isn’t regularly updated
  • The homepage is cluttered and confusing for those using a small screen
  • The shop isn’t organized for novices
  • Can’t find where clinical testing is proven
  • No social media presence

Final Thoughts

Out of all of the nootropic vendors listed here, the one that wins out is Peak Nootropics. This is not only for its sheer volume of products, but also the extensive knowledge base the company strives to continually provide value to its customers. Having new products available regularly is essential, as well as the ability to see them clearly on the main page of the site. Having this coupled with up-to-date information about nootropics is integral to the success of everyone’s success. This vendor might be a good choice if you’d rather not visit multiple websites for products, information, and support. It may be possible to achieve all of those goals in one stop.