The Best Nootropics For Anxiety

By Mark Taylor

The Best Nootropics For Anxiety
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Have you been struggling with anxiety? Is it holding you back from performing optimally? Most people, experiences some form of stress and anxiety daily, which reduces their motivation and causes them to stall.

Among the remedies that you can use to relieve anxiety are nootropics. They alleviate mild anxiety without the side effects that come with most brain boosters to keep you creative and enthusiastic about your work and life.

This article reviews 5 of the best nootropics for anxiety to help you find the best option for you. The products will help you to stay calm and focused in whatever situation you are in. We have selected the best nootropics for anxiety on the market today. Here is a preview:

How do nootropics work?

When looking for the best nootropics for anxiety relief, you are looking for the ones that stimulate the GABA system. GABA (Gamma-aminobutyric acid) is a neurotransmitter in the brain that is associated with mood regulation and relaxation. Some of these interventions include but are not limited to:

  • Promoting the sensitivity of the GABA receptor
  • Stimulating the synthesis and release of GABA
  • Regulating the levels of stress hormones i.e. epinephrine and cortisol
  • Optimizing other mood-improving chemicals like dopamine and serotonin)
  • Enhancing alpha brain waves

What are the different types of nootropics for anxiety?

Nootropics for anxiety are differentiated according to forms. There are three forms in which nootropics can be taken which are natural nootropics and synthetic nootropics.

Natural Nootropics

L-TheanineThis is the nootropic bioactive amino acid found in green tea. It enhances the alpha brain waves to increase focus, creativity, and relaxation. It does not have any sedatives and does not compromise energy. Combined with the caffeine, it is a great choice for people who love the stimulation without the risk of energy draining.

Rhodiola RoseaThis product helps the body to handle all forms of anxiety and stress. The results of this are enhanced cognitive functions and increased motivation. It also has fatigue resistant and anti-stress properties.

Bacopa MonnieriBacopa Monnieri: This product’s ability to boost serotonin and GABA makes it a great anxiolytic adaptive. It has demonstrated great benefits for memory, cognition, and learning.

AshwagandhaAshwagandha: This product increases learning memory and offers long-term relief against stress and anxiety. However, it has a wide range of other functions like sexual stimulation and sedation. It is advisable to take Ashwagandha late in the day to avoid the sedation effects and to take advantage of its night benefits.

B Vitamins – Featuring mostly in energy drinks, B vitamins enhance focus and cognition. They have a high level of pyridoxine especially in B6 that counters anxiety and stress.

Synthetic Nootropics

Aniracetam – This drug is highly potent and its anxiety-reducing effects capable of lasting longer because it takes longer to break down. It decreases anxiety levels, improves cognition, and improves brain health, making it one of the best smart drugs for anxiety.

Etifoxine – This anxiety drug assists in improving brain functions and supporting peripheral nerve regeneration. It has no side effects although some users report having experienced sedation effects and drowsiness after taking it.

Picamilon – This drug is a lab compound of Niacin and GABA and is among the best smart drugs for anxiety. Individually, these two substances have no effect but when combined, they create a powerful nootropic that relaxes you without reducing your energy. Since Niacin is soluble, it can carry GABA to the brain to engage the GABA receptors, which decreases the stress hormones. It also stimulates the release of dopamine leaving you feeling food.

Sulbutiamine – This compound consists of Vitamin B1 (Thiamine), which increases talking for social interactions. This ultimately decreases stress and anxiety but might exacerbate the problem further since it only minimizes social stressors. It is, however, not efficient in remedying serious anxiety cases.

Phenibut – This is a GABA derivative that can cross the blood barrier. Developed by the Soviets and very effective at remedying short-term severe anxiety, Phenibut is great for reducing stress. It has a myriad of side effects which range from mild to serious. The mild effects include headaches, stomach aches, and nausea. The nasty effects include amnesia, unconsciousness, and even withdrawal. The body can easily build a tolerance to this drug so it is important to use it sparingly. To minimize these effects, it is advisable to take Phenibut in small doses. Not more than 300 mg should be taken per dose.

What are the best nootropics for anxiety?

Neura-Spark by Nutra Champs

Neura Spark is designed for achieving maximum brain performance and its benefits grow with continuous use. The ingredients used to make Neura Spark are a blend of herbs, vitamins, and minerals. They include Bacopa Monnieri, Rhodiola Rosea, Huperzine A, Ginkgo Biloba, and Acetyl L-Carnitine among others. Additionally, it is vegan-friendly, thus making it ideal for vegetarians.

Why is it good for anxiety?

It combines premium ingredients that improve your mood, increase energy, and re-energize your mind for optimal performance. It also improves clarity and memory to help keep those creative juices flowing.


  • Formulated with high-quality ingredients increasing cognitive function
  • Give instant and long terms effects
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty which guarantees quality


  • Contains additional supplements that are unnecessary

Qualia Mind by The Neurohacker Collective

Qualia by Neurohacker Collective
Qualia Mind is a premium supplement, which contains 28 ingredients to increase cognitive performance. It features a unique formulation crafted after 40 years of local and international research. Apart from the instant improvement of brain performance, it also increases the development of neurons and synapses and facilitates the development of healthier cell structures, neural complexity, and mitochondrial ATP.

Why is it good for anxiety?

It is designed to increase energy, concentration, mood, and memory, thus making it ideal for increased creativity. It also supports mental functions and brain health and these benefits are supported to the long run.


  • Contains a wide range of ingredients that help in different cognitive functions
  • Ideal for creativity
  • Boosts long-term memory


  • Very expensive at $6.75 daily

Genius Consciousness by The Genius Brand

Genius Consciousness by The Genius Brand
Genius consciousness is a supplement with powerful boosters that enhance clarity, awareness, focus, and improves memory within 15 minutes. It is ideal for people who need the extra mental boost to keep them focused. It contains Lion’s mane mushroom that helps your memory giving you short-term alertness and improving long-term memory.

Why is it good for anxiety?

It is doctor formulated with a strong formula for heightened mental performance. It combines all natural ingredients known to enhance brain activity.


  • Boosts concentration and enhances focus
  • Mood enhancement


  • Not ideal for daily use as it contains other supplements
  • Not suitable for people sensitive to stimulants

Genius Joy by The Genius Brand

Genius Joy by The Genius Brand
Genius Joy is a supplement made by The Genius Brand that contains dopamine and serotonin. These ingredients improve motivation and mood. It claims to be an alternative to antidepressants but it is important to consult a doctor before using it, especially for people with serious disorders.

Why is it good for anxiety?

It is a mood booster that gives you the extra push and motivation for your creative projects. Quality ingredients, mostly vitamins, and natural herbs, that have brain-boosting ingredients make up Genius Joy.


  • It boosts your mood and improves cognition
  • Has high-quality ingredients
  • Increased motivation and productivity


  • It is expensive
  • 5-HTP is a dangerous ingredient when supplemented with other serotonergic boosting ingredients
  • The supplements are a good replacement for antidepressants. This is not right since it does not offer the same efficient treatment for depression.


Azoth 2.0 by Azoth LLC
It is a strong nootropic that increases focus, reduces stress, depression, and anxiety without building up a tolerance. With just 1 to 3 capsules a day, your mood is enhanced without the worry of withdrawal and headaches.

Why is it good for anxiety?

It contains a blend of brain-boosting ingredients that enhance energy, optimize your mood, and prevents fatigue, thus keeping you at your peak all through.


  • Enhances mood and cognitive functions
  • Does not contain caffeine and is a great option for people trying to quit caffeine
  • FDA approved made at a cGMP compliant company


  • It is quite pricey


Nootropics are a great and safe option for people dealing with anxiety because they improve cognitive functions. Boosting cognitive function is ideal for minimizing stress and anxiety; it leaves you thinking clearly and highly motivated to do what it is you want to do. All the products featured above are good at reducing anxiety and improving memory. After careful research and review, our choice for the best nootropics for anxiety has to be the Neura Spark Premium Brain Supplement.

Neura Spark is also made from a vegan blend of herbs, vitamins, and minerals. It is also quite affordable meaning that you can take it consistently for long-term benefits. The manufacturer has offered a lifetime guarantee for the product, which guarantees its quality. Users who have reviewed the product have expressed satisfaction with the product with most saying they would recommend it to a friend.

Combining the nootropic supplements with a period of self-reflection to be able to get dual treatment is a great idea. After all, nootropics will not help you avoid the situation that causes anxiety. As such, you need to identify and deal with the root cause of your anxiety. For severe anxiety cases, it is advisable to see a doctor for advice before taking nootropics.

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