The Best Nootropics For Creativity

By Mark Taylor

The Best Nootropics For Creativity
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Have your creative juices been a little on the dry side lately? Does it feel like all your best ideas are ancient history? It sounds like you need a boost of creativity. But where are you going to get it? You could visit some creative places, like an art gallery or museum. Perhaps you can search the Internet for some new ideas. Or maybe, you could give some of the best nootropics for creativity a try. All nootropics are designed to improve your brain function. And when your brain is functioning at a higher level, it stands to reason you will be more creative. With that background in mind, these are some of the highest rated products for boosting brain function, and in turn, helping with creativity.

Finding the right nootropics takes trial and error. But it’s worth it because when you find the right combination it could lead to some freshly squeezed creative juices. The key is choosing the right ingredients. You need something that will clear up brain fog and allow more focus, so you can concentrate on using the creative part of your brain.

The Top Nootropics for Creativity

There are numerous nootropics that claim to HELP with creativity, and many of them do. However, a quick search of the Internet will give you a better idea of the nootropics that are considered to boost creativity the best. But you don’t have to search any further because we have the list for you right here. The order will vary, depending on where you look, but generally, these are the top five nootropics for creativity.


Aniracetam is popular for boosting creativity because it triggers your right brain. Your right brain controls imagination, creativity, and feelings. Aniracetam also helps reduce stress and anxiety, and improve your mood. Ideas tend to flow more freely when you’re in a better mood, and your ability to think abstractly increases. According to, “Aniracetam has been shown to relieve depression, boost learning & memory, improve verbal fluidity, increase music listening pleasure, and make you more social.”


This nootropic reportedly improves creativity by increasing your sensitivity to external stimuli and enhancing your sensory perception. According to, “Coluracetam, known as MKC-231, has been classed as a nootropic agent. It’s known to enhance cognitive effects, based on the ways in which it influences choline uptake. Originally developed to treat Alzheimer’s disease, Coluracetam was found to be more effective as a nootropic and is purely marketed as a cognitive enhancer.” Like other racetams, Coluracetam helps increase choline uptake even when neurons are impaired.


Piracetam has been shown to increase Cerebral Circulation, improve creativity and verbal fluency, boost memory, learning, and recall and improve mood,” according to Additionally, several studies have confirmed that Piracetam supplements boost communication between the two halves of the brain. It works by increasing the impact the neurotransmitter acetylcholine has on the brain. Not only does it boost one’s artistic abilities, but Piracetam also enhances memory. Taking Piracetam for creativity has been shown to be very effective.


While Phenibut does not have any direct memory-enhancing properties, it can help put you into the right frame of mind to be more creative. Phenibut is mostly associated with reducing anxiety. But it also helps stimulate dopamine receptors, much like a Gamma-aminobutyric acid or GABA. Phenibut also works by helping to eliminate external distractions. Therefore, it can help promote creativity and imagination for those who use it.


Noopept is a powerful peptide nootropic. It contains anxiolytic properties, which help make it one of the most popular nootropics for mood enhancement. It is also much more potent than most racetams, meaning you can get the same results with smaller daily doses. Noopept helps because it increases dopamine and serotonin, which are the two most important mood-enhancing chemicals. According to, “it is highly demanded because it increases your cognitive abilities and enhances your ability to focus. It also helps you take in and learn a greater amount of information at one time.” This could definitely help you be more creative.

Important Clarification

It’s important to remember that creativity cannot really be measured scientifically. That’s because it’s hard to put a number on it. Creativity is also different for everyone. While nootropics can help people feel more creative, there is no evidence that nootropics can DIRECTLY enhance your creativity. That’s why most nootropic supplements don’t claim to directly enhance creativity. However, they have been shown to help enhance your mood, boost your productivity, and increase memory and focus. When you are in this frame of mind, you are more likely to think and act creatively.

Which Creativity Boosters Are Best?

There are numerous nootropic supplements to choose from containing one or more of the five ingredients most associated with creativity. There are also many other nootropics that claim to help boost your overall brain power, which leads to the ability to be more creative. Here are five of the top-rated nootropic products for giving your brain a boost, which can help lead to greater creativity.

Qualia by The Neurohacker Collective

Qualia by Neurohacker Collective
What is it– Qualia is a highly regarded nootropic stack that contains 42 active ingredients. That is a big difference compared to most nootropic stacks. Anyone looking for the convenience of taking dozens of nootropics in one small capsule should consider Qualia a good option.

Why is it good for Creativity– Qualia is designed to support mental performance and brain health. It also helps promote focus and mental clarity. But it’s good for creativity because it’s specifically designed to improve mood and memory, support energy and boost creativity.

Pros/Cons– If cost is a major factor for you – it costs around $6.75 a day – then Qualia is likely not the way to go. Likewise, if you prefer to keep it simple and avoid the risk of overloading your brain with so many nootropics at once, then you might want to try another option. But, with aniracetam, and several other proven ingredients, this is considered one of the best nootropics for creativity.

Genius Consciousness by The Genius Brand

Genius Consciousness by The Genius Brand
What is it– Genius Consciousness is a powerful nootropic supplement with a great reputation. This nootropic stack contains a wide range of effective, and proven brain boosters.

Why is it good for Creativity– According to the product bottle, Genius Consciousness uses “biohack technology” to deliver enhanced mental performance. It claims to help users with better concentration, working memory support, and brain health support.

Pros/Cons– by enhancing concentration, supporting memory function and helping keep your brain healthy, this nootropic stack is a good option for those looking to boost creativity.  On the downside, Genius Consciousness does come with some side effects risks. Because it also contains several stimulants, it might not be the best supplement for long-term, daily use. Anyone sensitive to stimulants might want to avoid it, as well.

Neura-Spark by Nutra Champs

Nuera-Spark by Nutrachamps
What is it– This nootropic stack is very similar to other nootropics on the market, but it does get positive reviews for most users. It’s also designed to increase mental functioning via optimization of neural passageways in the body system. Neuro-Spark also claims to help users achieve improved mood and higher energy levels.

Why is it good for Creativity– Because it integrates several nootropic ingredients into one blend, Neura-Spark is designed to increase cognition, focus, and concentration. This is great because it helps users maximize their work potential and it allows them to be more productive.

Pros/Cons– it contains several good nootropics, but it also contains some unnecessary fillers. The list of good ingredients are common in many brain boosters on the market According to most reviews, this brain enhancer does work and has been clinically verified and shown to provide the positive effects it claims.

Neuro Health by Huntington Labs

Nuero Health by Huntington Labs
What is it– Neuro Health is a nootropic supplement that claims to increase brain health and enhance cognitive functions. It contains several natural extracts, which have been proven safe and effective. Users of Neuro Health report that it helps them concentrate better and handle tough daily activities.

Why is it good for Creativity– Because Neuro Health is designed to boost blood flow in your brain it allows all the essential nutrients to reach your brain cells. That leads to better performance. Neuro Health also nourishes your brain cells with additional power that helps with proper functioning. This formula is also designed to improve focus, memory, acuity and concentration. All of these can help to lead more creativity.

Pros/Cons– while Neuro Health can boost brain health, increase blood flow to your brain, improve mental awareness and supply your brain with essential nutrients, there are some possible downsides, as well. Pregnant women cannot use this product, nor can people under the age of 18. Additionally, the maker does not disclose the amount of the ingredients used.

NeuroIGNITE by Havasu Nutrition

nueroIGNITE by Havasu Nutrition
What is it– NeuroIGNITE is a nootropic supplement designed to keep your brain functioning well without getting too tired. It does this by supplying the nutrients your brain needs in order to help keep it energized and help you keep your concentration.

Why is it good for Creativity– NeuroIGNITE is believed to help boost creativity because it claims to supply users with brain functioning nutrients. It can also help boost your memory and it’s designed to enhance cognitive abilities and improve mental clarity. Increased concentration and better mental performance are also possible.

Pros/Cons– NeuroIGNITE contains numerous ingredients designed to boost mental performance. Using this nootropic offers several possible benefits, including helping reducing anxiety and stress. However, in most cases, it takes consistent use before users notice a significant difference. Also, results will often vary from user to user. But that being said, it does receive mostly positive reviews.

Which One Is Right for You

Although all of these products are associated with improved creativity, those in the nootropics community seem to agree that any product with aniracetam is most likely to boost creativity. That’s why we recommend Qualia as the top choice if you’re looking for a nootropic to increase or improve creativity. In addition to aniracetam, Qualia contains many other helpful ingredients and benefits packed into one easy dose stacked for performance.

Of course, that does not mean it will be the best option for everyone, or even work to some degree for everyone. But most users have expressed positive results with creativity when taking this supplement. Your best bet is to give it a try and see if it works for you. If you don’t notice a big difference, then give a different product a try until you find the right match for your needs.

The bottom line is if you’re looking to get your creative juices flowing again, a nootropic supplement could be the missing ingredient.

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