What Are The Best Nootropics To Improve Memory?

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The Best Nootropics For Memory

Nootropics go by various names; smart drugs, smart pills, brain boosters, memory boosters, etc. Essentially, nootropics are brain supplements. Just as you take vitamins, minerals or proteins to supplement your diet, you can take nootropics to boost your concentration, memory, attention.

In this article, we’ll talk about the benefits and the use of nootropics. We genuinely hope that this article will help you learn a thing or two about nootropics, their safety, efficiency, use, and so forth. Also, we created a list of 5 best brain supplements that we could find on the current’s market:

Nootropics raised quite a lot of dust when they first became public. In this section, we would like to clear out some of the mist that surrounds nootropics. Many people are confused by nootropics and often can’t decide whether or not they should try them. Well, if you are interested in their safety, efficiency, long-term usability and health impact, then stick with us.

What Are Nootropics?

Nootropics are smart drugs that enhance brain activity. Now, when someone says “brain activity” we generally think of thinking, calculating or memorizing, right? While this is true (these are brain activities), these aren’t the only brain activities!

Nootropics also enhance brain chemistry and the production of serotonin, dopamine, and other beneficial neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters then accelerate the movement of your neurons, which results in better perception, memory, less stress, and anxiety.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Nootropics?

The benefits of nootropics depend significantly on the type of effect you want to achieve with the use of nootropics. You can use them to improve your memory and concentration, deal with stress, to boost serotonin production; you name it.

We know that our brain is responsible for innovation, for creating music, architecture, and poetry. It is therefore recommended that you sometimes give your mind that additional push to come up with an excellent and unique solution.

How To Obtain Safe And Effective Nootropics?

Humans have been using and selecting nootropics for many years now. Things like tobacco, coffee, cocoa, and tea are all nootropics. They all contain mind-boosting chemicals. We want you to know that there are other nootropics outside our list; we just included those that are the best.

The nootropic market is reasonably young and unexplored, and it is often hard to find safe and reliable products for personal use. Numerous people have already used the products we reviewed, and those same users have heavily praised their performance.

It is also important to say that different people respond differently to the same pill. So, it’s no surprise that there are cases when a premium pill doesn’t work for everyone! If you decide to buy nootropics and you find that they don’t affect you, don’t get discouraged.

How To Choose The Best Nootropics?

It depends on why you need them. We suggest that you always match nootropics with your needs. For instance, if you need something that will help you get up in the morning, you should probably go for Genius Joy. If you are a student looking for a cost-effective solution to a memory problem, go for the Mindset Performance Nootropic.

If you need the best smart drugs for memory improvement, you go with Genius Consciousness or Neura-Spark. You should also consult with your primary physician or psychologist and see if they can suggest you the right nootropic. We should remind you that nootropics also have a lot of health-related values, which is why you can perceive them as a potential medicine for your condition.

In short, make sure that select (if you decide to select) a product that suits your budget. Don’t forget about long-term use easier (whether or not you’ll be able to afford it over a certain period if tune.) Also, consult with your doctor before you use any nootropics (just to be extra safe.)

How To Use Nootropics?

Obviously, you should always read instructions and apply the method suggested by the manufacturer. Also, read the list of supplements and ensure that you aren’t allergic to any ingredients. The consumption may vary: some pills require that you take them on an empty stomach, others require that you eat first and then take the pills with water.

But there’s another thing we would like to discuss, and that is the importance of long-term use. Of course, if you don’t experience any improvements from using the pills, quit using them. And, if you start feeling ill for some reason, abandoned them.

But, if your nootropics are helping you and if they have a positive effect on your life, consider using them on a long-term basis. Why? Well, there is a significant chance that these pills will leave a positive trace in your brain.

What Are The Best Nootropics To Improve Memory?

Genius Joy by The Genius Brand

Genius Joy by The Genius Brand

Genius Joy by the Genius Brand is a natural mood-boosting supplement formulated with high-quality ingredients including SAMe, Panax Ginseng, and L-Theanine.

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Last and certainly not the least is the Genius Joy nootropic made by Genius Brand. Similar to Genius Consciousness this pill boosts memory, clears your head and elevates your mood.

Those that are seeking smart drug for mood improvement will find all the ingredients and functions they need in the Genius Joy pill. Joy will also help people deal with anxiety and release the stress they accumulate during the day.

We should note that Joy contains both Vitamin D and B12; when paired together, these chemical compounds reduce both physical and mental stress. In this pill, you’ll find memory boosters (like ginseng and Rhodiola), minerals, and vitamins.

The Genius Brand also recommends that you replace your antidepressant pills with their Joy pill. This just shows just how much confidence this company has in their capsule. And truthfully, we have to say that a lot of people did replace their mood/body uplifting pills with Joy.

Why? Well, probably because this nootropic can boost serotonin production in your bran. And if you would want to learn more about serotonin, refer to our value section above.


  • Seratonin-inducing
  • Excellent mood elevator
  • Improves long-term memory
  • Excellent stress release agent


  • Expensive

Mindset by The Good Lyfe

A company called The Good Lyfe makes the Mindest nootropics to enhance people’s brain activity. These smart pills focus on energy, mood, focus, and memory. Anyone from an entrepreneur to a student could theoretically use these pills to meet their academic and business requirements.

These pills contain plenty of beneficial and brain-boosting ingredients, including Ginkgo Biloba (for memory), Rhodiola (for energy), L-Theanine (for mood and stress), etc. According to Good Lfye, these pills were designed to stop people from “crashing” like they usually do (at about 2 pm.)

At roughly 2 pm a lot of people experience the end of their coffee, tea or energy drink trip. The pills work best after you ingest a large meal and if you take medicine with a lot of water.

Those that want to stay awake during their days should undoubtedly try these supplements. They are also pretty inexpensive, which is what most students will certainly approve. But, if you are looking for something that will calm you or give you shear strength, perhaps you should then look for something more potent.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Perfect for student budgets
  • Not addictive
  • Mild on your stomach
  • Designed to sop an afternoon coffee/energy drink crash


  • Creates the effect of alertness, not awareness

Neuro Stack by Akua Life

The Neuro Stack nootropic is for those that frequently experience fogginess or dizziness. And no, we aren’t talking about actual physical dizziness, but brain dizziness.

Akua Life uses organically grown Lions Mane to ensure that their customers experience potency and value. This nootropic is excellent at boosting your immune system. It also works great against mild fatigues and headaches.

The secret to this nootropic is its 22 ingredient formula filled with mood, attention and concentration boosters. Neuro Stack also does an excellent job of stimulating the production of dopamine, serotonin and other brain chemicals.

Interestingly, this company opted for using Peruvian organic cocoa to enhance the presence of antioxidants in the pill. The company believes that this cocoa will prevent decay of brain cells and delay aging in human life. Of course, there are plenty of other ingredients in these pills that will make you more attentive and focused.

We would also like to commend the clear labeling and Akua Life’s dedication to third-party testing and evaluation. However, we didn’t like the fact that you have to take more than two pills at once.


  • Laboratory tested
  • Transparent labeling
  • Boosted with organic cocoa
  • Excellent for concentration and clearer thinking


  • Consumption might be unpleasant for some people
  • Expensive

Genius Consciousness by The Genius Brand

Genius Consciousness by The Genius Brand

Genius Consciousness by The Genius Brand brings together strong, natural brain-enhancing ingredients in one great-tasting daily drink for high-performance thinking.

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If you are looking for something that will improve your cognitive abilities, Genius Consciousness might be the item you are searching. Aside from being one of the best nootropics for memory, it is also one of the best nootropics for creativity.

The Genius Brand (the company that produces Genius Consciousness pills) argues that the movie Limitless inspired them to make this type of pill. It motivates, clears your judgment sectors and broadens your awareness.

A lot of people use these nootropics as stress-reducing agents. Why? Well, it increases your consciousness level and allows you to cope with stressful situations. And last but not least, Genious Consciousness promises to improve your memory. They also use the power of Lion’s Mane Mushrooms to combat forgetfulness, fogginess and energy crashes.

Genius Consciousness is a life-changing supplement; there’s no denying it. And it’s great that they (Genius Brand) test their products independently before they send them on the market. So, yea; if you are looking for best smart drugs for memory, we recommend that you try this one.


  • Reasonably priced
  • They taste great
  • Excellent against brain fog
  • Excellent memory booster


  • Some said that the pills didn’t have any effect on them

Neura-Spark by Nutra Champs

The Neura-Spark nootropics are excellent quality, designed to elevate, enhance and improve. This nootropic is good for memory and improving the processing speed of your brain.

Those that would like to think quicker and clearer could try the Neura-Spark nootropic. The good thing about these nootropics is that they have both short-term and long-term benefits. They activate as soon as you ingest them, and during that time they lift you up and carry you through the day.

Long-term use can also improve your concentration, boost your memorizing skills and help you think clearly. Neura-Spark has also shown signs of mood-improvements. In fact, many of its consumers use it to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.

If you try Neura-Spark and like them, we suggest that you use them for a more prolonged period. Why? Well, the benefits of using these pills increase with long-term use. The more you use them, the more alert and clearer you’ll become.

Also, if you are looking for a mood changer (and if your standard medication didn’t work), it won’t hurt you to try these nootropics.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Scientific formula
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Excellent long-term benefits


  • Some people argued that it induces headaches

Final Thoughts

Nootropics are incredibly new, and it is understandable that people are cautious about them. We have just now (in 2018) started thoroughly researching the effects of nootropics on our brain, and it will take a long time before we figure out whether they are beneficial or harmful.

Thus far there is no reason to assume that nootropics cause short or long-term damage if you use them properly (and if you aren’t allergic to a specific ingredient.) We suggest using Genius Joy, mostly because it elevates both sides of the brain, improving your critical thinking and creative process.

Genius Joy is undoubtedly one of the best smart drugs for memory and creativity, so feel free to use it if you need an extra kick of creativeness. We do however suggest that you talk to your doctor before you make any moves. After all, your health should always be your number one priority.