Nootropic Source Review

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nootropic source review

Nootropic Source is one of the most trusted suppliers of high-quality nootropics. The company offers to ship bulk orders to the USA and to other international regions. Shipping to the US is free for orders over $100. The company delivers its products within a couple of days and the company’s product list exceeds more than 100 items on their shelves.

We rate Nootropic Source 4 out of 5.


  • Variety of products – Nootropic Source is different from other stores because it offers a wide range of products. The products include solutions, powders, and nasal sprays. Their product pages have a filtering tool that helps customers easily narrow down their searches.
  • Easy to navigate website Unlike other stores that have full interfaces with buttons and ads that are all over your screen, nootropic sources has a very tidy website that is very clear. The website allows customers to shop easily.
  • Accepts Bitcoin A bitcoin is a digital currency that has gained popularity across the world. More and more people in the world are starting to shop more using bitcoin. Nootropic Source is one of the few places that allow customers to shop using bitcoin. In addition, customers who shop using bitcoin receive a 10% discount.
  • Quick delivery – Nootropic Source provides delivery within one day via USPS for orders in America. This 1-day shipping allows customers to receive their products ASAP, making the company more reliable. Moreover, customers have attested to the fact that the company’s order processing delivery is outstanding.


  • Strictly no refunds It is unfortunate that Nootropic Source is pretty stern when it comes to giving returns as all transactions are considered final. The only time that the company will give returns is when the fault is from their side. When this happens, the client can call them and have the problem fixed. Nootropic Source does not give any compensation even if a local customs department tampers with your package or seizes it.
  • Chargebacks – Nootropic Source also has another policy that it strictly enforces. The policy is Zero tolerance to chargebacks. They even claim that they will seek legal action if anyone initiates a chargeback as they regard it fraud.

Nootropic Source Review

Customer service

Nootropic Source details each of its policies on price match, shipping, returns and privacy giving clear information thus avoiding any confusion when it comes to transactions. The company has a contact page that allows customers to contact them any time. The company does not have any social media pages or hotlines so the only way to reach them is through their contact page and so far customers we have not seen many complaints about that.


Nootropic source is a supplier that carries more than just products. The company provides a good starting place. Nootropic Source offers a variety of nootropics in different forms such as nasal sprays, powders, and solutions including several peptides, each having their own particular effect. To ensure quality and safety of the products that Nootropic Source sells, the company conducts analysis within the company as well as through a third-party firm. The analysis helps to maintain every bottle free from any form of contaminants. Moreover, the company has a product list that is vast with their website having more than one hundred items.


The company has a website that is very easy to use and friendly. The website has filtering tools which allow customers to sort products by rating, popularity, release, and price. This makes it so you don’t have to waste a bunch of time looking for what you need. I know I have spent hours on some websites (I won’t name any names… yet)  trying to find the right nootropic, with the right dosage at the right price. 🙂


Shipping is absolutely free for all orders above $100 within the US. This enables a customer to spend more on nootropics! Nootropic Source uses USPS for its delivery services with a default method of Domestic Express one Business Day. Customers can expect their deliveries within a few days after placing an order. In addition to this, the company provides a tracking number that allows the customers to check their order’s current status and location.


Prices on Nootropic Source vary depending on the product, quantity, and weight. The company has a price match policy, which allows customers to match its prices with a competitor, if and only if, it is the exact same product – same size, weight, pill count, etc. According to Nootropic Source, if a customer finds a lower offer somewhere, they can notify the company via email, and they will look into the details and review it. If the offer is exactly the same, it will be approved.


One of the major competitors that Nootropic Source has is Nootropics Depot. Nootropics Depot is a famous supplier of nootropics. The company has an added advantage for supplying noots to restricted countries. The company aims to become the most trusted supplier of extracts and compounds.

Another competitor in this industry is Afinil Express. The company’s nootropics are priced well and they offer frequent discounts to their customers.

MODAPHARMA is also a major competitor for Nootropic Source. MODAPHARMA provides nootropics that are certified authentic and they have a SureDelivery guarantee that protects each of its shipment.

Another company that falls under this category is Peak Nootropics. This company offers low-priced nootropics as well as offering educational materials, good delivery rates and more.

Final Thoughts

Selecting a supplier for nootropics can be a challenge sometimes. It is important to choose a supplier or store that one is comfortable with and trusts. One of the factors that are non-negotiable is the quality of the product.

The increasing popularity of nootropics keeps pushing prices higher. When choosing a source, then the best supplier is the one that offers best customer service as well as high-quality products and value for the money.

Nootropic Source is one of the leading companies in the nootropic pharmaceutical industry. The company offers a variety of products ranging from solutions, nasal sprays, and powders. The company delivers its orders within a couple of days hence making it reliable to customers. While the company has strict policies on refund and chargebacks, the delivery time and price match guarantee will help you to keep your expenses to a minimum.