The Best Nootropics For Social Anxiety

By Mark Taylor

Best Nootropics For Social Anxiety

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In our current day and age, dealing with social anxiety amongst many other ailments can feel often hopeless. What if we were to tell you that there’s a way to better equip your brain by optimizing certain aspects of it?

Nootropics allow you to do this, working as medicine that can optimize your brain’s capabilities and capacity to solve certain problems.

To help you navigate the large world of Nootropics to find the right medication that works for your social anxiety, in this article we’ll be taking a closer look at 5 Nootropics currently on the market and analyzing which is most effective:

(Disclaimer: Individual research into each Nootropic is encouraged, as the effects Nootropics have on a person varies and is often related to any other medications someone may be taking. Please consult a medical professional before deciding that certain Nootropics are right for you)

Are Nootropics For Me? Can They Be Safe?

Yes, they can. Like many things, Nootropics has gotten a bad reputation in certain media outlets because of the nature of online ordering and personal research that has established these substances as outside of the medical realm. However, this analysis couldn’t be any more wrong—in fact, many medical professionals will help you assess your need for Nootropics if you ask and, with proper research and dosage, you can find solutions to your problems through Nootropics that help you immensely navigate the realm of social anxiety.

Whether or not Nootropics is right for you is a personal question that can be alleviated with proper research, but they can certainly be taken safely and even with the opinion of a medical professional.

What Are the Advantages of Nootropics?

Nootropics can help you target certain areas of your brain to alleviate struggles you may have by optimizing your brain’s capabilities. They act essentially like medications, but the differentiation between Nootropics and other forms of medication are that Nootropics are specifically created and geared to optimize your brain’s overall performance. This can lead to a more comfortable lifestyle when used to treat things that may be giving you stress, such as social anxiety.

How to Choose Which Nootropic is Right for You

Many people will find the most useful aspect of a certain Nootropic to be that it is catered specifically to the issue that they are dealing with. When doing individual research on certain Nootropics to figure out which is best for you, one must take into account all of the effects certain Nootropics have. For example, some may be very beneficial for dealing with social anxieties, but can also have an adverse effect if a user is simultaneously taking an SSRI. With this information, the user can find a different Nootropic that won’t interact with other medications substantially.

Another aspect of Nootropics to look into is the various effects that they have. Sometimes, finding something that works to alleviate a specific problem may come with side effects, something to keep track of if you want to be aware of which side effects you want and which you’d prefer to avoid.

What’s the Best Way to Use This Product?

The best way to use Nootropics depends on which you’re utilizing, as different substances will have different dosages which can often be found on the label of the package or by a simple online search of the substance.

What Are The Best Nootropics For Social Anxiety?

Ashwagandha by Daily Nutra

Ashwagandha by Daily Nutra
This root-based supplement is known to help decrease mental and physical tension, allowing you to drop aspects of social anxiety or fear in favor of general lifestyle improvement. One of the key aspects of this product that it provides a long-lasting effect, with some instances even lasting for over 12 hours on the recommended dosage. Ashwagandha also helps you keep on track relatively quickly, with many of its effects appearing the day of initial consumption. It can help users feel confident by only requiring one pill per day, making it a supplement that you can limit to just a morning dosage of! For those looking for additional benefits on top of helping ease social anxiety, Ashwagandha is also well-known for being used to increase libido activity and control, making it a great tool to use to improve your sexual performance as well!

L-Theanine by Sports Research

L-Theanine by Sports Research
Many are familiar with this supplement without knowing it due to its tendency to be found in certain types of green tea. However, scientists have figured out how to isolate this element, allowing you to take a concentrated amount that helps improve your performance. It is often used to treat anxiety and is usually noted for its calming, tranquil effects on a person.

This supplement can also double as a way to lessen the effects of depression, for those feeling particularly overwhelmed. For many dealing with bouts of anxiety attacks, social anxiety, or other forms of mental tension, L theanine is often cited as an essential tool to use in relieving those associated frustrations. It is also used to treat insomnia due to its ability to loosen your mind, allowing you to worry less about problems that are not urgent.

Kava by Kavana Supplements

Kava by Kavana Supplements
Kava is an herbal supplement that is becoming more well-known due to a rising cultural prominence that has resulted in Kava teas and supplements being increasingly available at eating establishments, bars, and cafés.

The root is well-known as a quick-acting supplement that allows you to feel the full benefits quickly, making it a key choice for those looking to seek quick benefits. It also doubles as a mood enhancer, having benefits that help elevate mood and increase feelings of comfortability. Another way to take it is in tea form and other types of supplements, for those who prefer to take their supplements in other ways as well.

Lemon Balm by New Chapter

Lemon Balm by New Chapter
Lemon Balm is most known for helping ease mood support via its mixture of antioxidants that regular your body’s mood levels and muscle tension, both elements that relate to your body’s perception of anxiety. One of its benefits is the dosage, which does not require you to take it more than once a day. There is also the added benefit of it being helpful to treat things unrelated to anxiety, such as ADD and insomnia. These added benefits can be useful if you’re looking for something that contains multiple benefits to it.

Possibly one of the downsides of this supplement, though, is the amount of time that it takes to fully be functional. Some users complain that it takes over a day for the effects to truly kick in, but afterward, they argue that the effects attained are well worth the wait. Lemon Balm can, however, act more quickly than that. It’s specific helpfulness will depend on the user and any other medications they are taking.

Lion’s Mane by Host Defense

Lion's Mane by Host Defense
This unique supplement is sourced from mushroom capsules with the goal to help cognitive function, making it easier to find mental clarity and focus. With this comes easing anxiety, with the added clarity allowing users to see issues more clearly and be able to analyze problems more effectively. This provides a calming effect that Lion’s Mane is often utilized for, usually paired well with other forms of calming as well.

It can also help improve brain memory and can be useful for those dealing with other brain-related issues. However, there are some notable side effects, ranging from mild headaches to consistent migraines. Personal chemistry and medications you might be taking are important things to keep in mind when trying this supplement.

Which Supplement is Best to Treat Social Anxiety?

The supplement that we find does most for social anxiety is L-theanine. This is because this supplement does not take long to begin working and often produces little side effects in individuals. We believe that it can be useful for treating social anxiety. This is due to the immediate, calming feeling that it induces on a user. This can be helpful in situations where anxiety is unexpected.

For those dealing with depression as well, L-theanine also has the added benefit of elevating mood functionality, an aspect of well-being that can also affect many other parts of your body for positive effects.

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